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About Us

Learn more about the history behind Cabañas Don Ambrosio

Get to know more of the history behind cabañas Don Ambrosio.

Don Ambrosio, is an ideal place for the whole family, a place to rest and get away from the noisy city.

Nearby Los Angeles city and surrounded by Salto del Laja waterfall, you will find our facilities; cabins, pools, restaurant and a variety of alternatives to relax and spend a pleasant time.


Cabañas Don Ambrosio was created in the summer season of 2008, beginning with just swimming pools, campground, mini - golf and a small restaurant. The idea of enhance tourism in the area, was born from Olivier Döbeli, a Sweden man and his wife Marcela Venegas, together, they carried out this project as a symbolism to remain the memory of Ambrosio Venegas Núñez (Marcela Venegas´s grandfather), who was one of the first residents nearby Salto del Laja, well known for his kindness and generosity.

At the beginning, Don Ambrosio was thought to operate only for the high season, but as the time passed, it was growing and diversifying its services due to the enthusiasm of all the customers.

Today, in high season, our complex is ready to receive around of 60 people, who enjoy their stay in our bungalows.


Our clients come from Chile, as well as, other countries, some of them come from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, among other countries.

For the future we project, in broad terms, incorporate and improve our services in order to provide clients with a better quality service and satisfaction.

cabañas don ambrosio
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